Swasher Buy-Back

Do you have a Swasher™ or other foam “boffer” sword that you are no longer using?

Depending upon the swasher type and condition, we may buy back used Swashers™ and other boffers at a fair rate. For more information, contact us.

Swasher Repair

Do you have a Swasher™ in need of repair?

Because we build Swashers™ in-house, we can also repair them. Depending on the type of work needed and how recently it was purchased, we may be able to offer free or low-cost repairs. Please contact us and we will inspect your Swasher and give you a quote and estimated time-frame for repair.

What are Swashers, and how are they used?

See our Swasher Information page for safety rules, care & maintenance tips, warranty info, games, and more.

Purchase New Swashers

New Swashers may be purchased at our online store.