We make Adventuring easier for everyone

We have discounts for new Questers and seasoned adventurers alike, especially for our kids camps! Select an option below for information on how to apply these discounts to your registration.

It pays to plan ahead. Don’t worry if you’re not yet sure of your schedule – we provide free changes as long as you give us at least 2 weeks’ notice.

  • This discount is automatically applied when you enroll
  • $25 is the discount for in-person day camps that last five days; it is prorated for programs with fewer than five days.
  • For Knight CIT programs (priced at half the cost of Quest programs), the early bird discount is also halved ($12.50)
  • This discount is specifically for our summer quests. Similar discounts for our Winter & Spring Break quests may be emailed out to people on our mailing list.

Spread the word! Notify your friends using email, social media, or good ol’ fashioned word of mouth.

  • The referral is valid only if a child attends a five-day quest program, from a household that has never had any of their children in our programs.
  • To receive the program credit, this household’s parent must write your full name in the “Refer-a-Friend” field of the Household Information Form
  • The credit is applied to your account only after the referrant has attended their five-day camp; it is not granted upon registration
  • The credit is good only once per household, not per child; a household that you refer with more than one child counts as just one referral, regardless of the actual number of children in the household that attend
  • Majestic Adventures is not automatically notified when someone submits your name or has attended; instead, we audit these referrals intermittently or upon request
  • You cannot apply the Refer-a-Friend credit to programs that you have already paid for, regardless of when the referral was submitted
  • The Refer-a-Friend credit expires if not used within one year
  • To redeem this credit, you may contact us by email. Majestic Adventures also updates credits periodically – you do not need to call for this credit to be redeemed unless you would like to expedite the credit.

Trying something new can be a perilous prospect, but not at Majestic Adventures.

  • When registering, click in the “Discounts” box and click “New Quester Discount”
  • Use once ever – this is not per season
  • Valid only if the child is also registered for a five-day in-person program (Monday through Friday), such as a week of summer camp, in addition to this discount.
  • If your child first came to a program this year but did not receive this discount, you may still use this New Quester Discount
  • This discount may be used once per person; siblings may each get this discount when they are new to our programs

Does your hero love questing? Give them more summer adventures at a great discount!

  • When registering, click in the “Discounts” camp section and click “Three Week Discount” to add it to your cart.
  • Good for Adventure Quest, Star Quest, or Quest & Quill. Cannot be used with Knight CIT, Sword Skirmish/Adventure Club extended programming, or any other program.
  • Weeks only count if they are four- or five-day day in-person programs during this summer. One-, two, and tree-day programs, specialty programs, and non-consecutive programs (such as weekend programs) do not count toward the three weeks, nor do programs attended that are not during summer break.
  • Click this option only when this application includes the third week. If you registered for summer day programs prior to this particular application, that is fine – they are all a part of the child’s full roster.
  • This discount may be used once per person, per summer. Siblings may each get this discount when they each have enrolled for three weeks.
  • If the program is cancelled, so is the discount, with a full cancellation fee required (if applicable).

Spend 5 minutes to post your candid review to get a big discount on a quest event.

  • Post a review or rating on one of these sites (listed in our order of preference below).
  • When you post, be sure that you mention in your own words that you are getting a discount from us in exchange for posting your honest opinion. Not doing so is unethical and illegal.
  • Let us know within one week that you posted by sending us a screenshot or link of the review; email Director (at) MajesticAdventures dot net
  • Restrictions apply for the discounts, such as certain blackout dates, time requirements, advance notice, and extra fees for travel, etc. Please contact us for details on these restrictions.

Social Media & Review sites

Pick any one of the following social media for the discount. They are listed in order of preference for us.

  1. Post a testimonial on your personal Facebook page (make sure the post can be viewed by the public) and link to us
  2. Vote for us in a “best of” category for Camps, Birthday Parties, etc. If you know of one of these, please contact us
  3. Like our Facebook page and give us a review
  4. Write a review on our Google listing
  5. Rate us and write a review on Yelp

Adventure Quest Birthday Details

Purchase an Adventure Quest Birthday of at least 1.5 hours and get $25 off. We need at least two weeks notice to coordinate the event, and until it is confirmed, any given date may be unavailable due to events planned earlier. There may be an additional charge for travel in areas where we do not already provide programming. We may be able to accommodate an event lasting longer than 1.5 hours or with more than 6 participants, at an additional charge. A suitable location is required (such as a nearby park or school grounds), and all coordination and permitting is done by the purchaser (not Majestic Adventures).

We make it easy for brothers and sisters to battle with each other 🙂

  • When registering multiple siblings at the same time, the discount should be automatically applied.
  • If it is not automatically applied, or if you are registering siblings at different times (but who are attending the same program), you may need to enter a discount code or have us apply the discount from the back end. Contact us for details

The Last Minute Standby Program is designed for families who are looking for tuition assistance who may not qualify for our income based discounts.  Often throughout the year, we have spots that are unfilled in our camps and programs. We strive to fill those spots with campers whose families may not be able to afford our full tuition, and who are comfortable waiting until the last minute to see if there is space for them to attend the program.  This program gives a 40% discount off of the usual session fee and is available to all day camp programs at all locations. It may be available at certain after-school programs, but generally is not available for most after-school programs.

How it works:  After online registration closes (typically at 9:00 am the business day before the program – eg. on Friday morning, in the case of a camp that starts on Monday), we look at our registration for the program ahead and look for any unfilled spots.  At that point we will contact any families who have expressed interest in attending as a Last Minute participant for that program. We will reach out to those families to let them know if there are openings. Sometimes spaces become available at the last minute (due to cancellations etc), and in this case we will also look to see if the space can be filled from the Last-Minute Standby list. Between Friday morning and Sunday night at 7 pm, we will contact parents/guardians to offer them a spot at a 40% discount. You do not have to take the spot if you have made other plans. If there are multiple campers on the list for a certain opening, we will makes decisions based on many factors including who signed up first, the age of the camper compared to the age of the other kids in the group, how many other Last Minute spots that family has taken in that season, etc…  In the case that there are many campers in line for a certain spot, you may be given a deadline as to when we need a reply.

How to register for a Last Minute spot:  New families should create a log in and create a profile in our registration system for each child that they wish to register.  New and returning families will both need to fill out all summer forms that they are prompted to fill out online including the health form and waivers.  Once your forms are completed, you may email the office (info@majesticadventures.net) to let us know which child/children you would like to put on the last minute standby list and which weeks / programs you are interested in.  You may choose several programs if desired.  No payment or deposit is required to put your name on the list. Payment will only be collected if you are offered and accept a spot.

Please reach out well before the online registration deadline to get onto a last minute standby list. We are generally unable to process requests that come in after online registration has closed.

If camp tuition is difficult for your family to pay, you may qualify for an income based discount.  

  • Majestic Adventures gives out a limited number of income based discounts each summer to families who apply and qualify for assistance. We have a scholarship fund that is based on donations, and we make a matching contribution to the fund for each donation we receive.
  • Income based discounts may be applied towards one program per season per child for families who qualify. That program could be a week of summer camp, an after-school program, or another program like a holiday day camp.
  • Families who are interested in more than one week of camp who need financial support should consider our Last Minute Standby Program (see above), or consider applying for a third-party scholarship. See our scholarships page for more information.
  • Please download our scholarship application and send it to scholarships@majesticadventures.net to get the process started. For more information about income based discounts, see our scholarships page or email scholarships@majesticadventures.net. If you have questions about registering for a particular program, contact registration@majesticadventures.net.