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Our registration system can be accessed through this link:

Click Here to Register Online

We offer online registration for Summer Camps, 1-day Quests, and afterschool programs at some schools (see below). For birthdays or custom quests, please contact us.

After-School Programs

Registration for Adventure Quest programs at Fairhaven Park, Geneva, Silver Beach, and WHWS happens through our system (click the green button above). Registration for Columbia, Lowell, Happy Valley, Northern Heights and Wade King happens via and registration for Cordata, Parkview, and Sunnyland happens through the school. See After-School Programs for more details.

Our prices in brief:

Week-long quests (Summer and Spring Break): $220/week (in Bellingham) or $325/week (in Seattle), with option to add Sword Skirmish for $45/week or $15/day drop-in.
1-day Quests (holidays, purple fridays, school days off): $45/day, no skirmish option
Sunday Series (fall Adventure Quest & Star Questoptions): $220 for 5-session series,
Discounts: $15 Early Bird Discount before April 15th (applies to all Summer Quests), $50 first-time discount (applies to summer quests), $25 Multi-Session Discount for 3 or more summer quests, $25 Friendship Referral Credit (good towards any program), 5% Sibling Discount (any program). See Discounts below for more detail.


See our program calendar to see all the dates of upcoming programs.

Program Calendar

Registration Info, Discounts, Policies, FAQs

If you have questions about discounts, policies, or other FAQs, you may scroll further down this page, call (360) 836-0386, or email

The information you fill out online is good for one calendar year. You will need to reconfirm health history and sign the accident waiver each year your child attends our programs. When registering online, please be aware of the following:

  • We send out email confirmations mid-week prior to the start of program. If you’d like to confirm your child’s registration before this time, you may email us, call the office, or log into your CampBrain account.
  • Children are registered on a first come, first served basis. If paying by check, registrations are processed once payment is received.

Registering online is easiest if you have the following information available:

  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Your child’s health care provider information
  • Insurance information
  • Credit card information

To register for programs in Bellingham:

Once you create your account in Campbrain, you can click ‘Start Application’ and then follow the step by step instructions to register for the programs of your choice.

  • Registration questions – questions about registration and programs can be directed to Claire or Harper at (360) 836-0386 or

Programs that Do Not Use Online Registration:

We typically do not offer online registration (or the discounts below) for the following programs:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Home Quests
  • Certain afterschool programs. See after-school quests for details on which schools handle their own registration.
  • Special events
To register for any program that you do not see in the online registration system, please email us at or call us at (360) 836-0386. If you have completed the current year’s health history and signed the participant agreement, then a phone call or email is the fastest way to register.

Registration Info & Policies:

Most of the discounts listed below apply to the summer quests, not to after-school programs. If you have a question about whether a policy applies to the after-school programs, please contact us.

Session Change Policy

If you register and decide to change from one week to another week, there is a $15.00 session change fee regardless of when you notify Majestic Adventures of the change request.

For example, if you have registered for Week 5 and want to change your registration to Week 7, you will be charged a $15.00 session change fee.

If you are registered for Week 5 and on the Friday before Week 5 you notify MA that you want to swap to Week 7, you will be charged the $15 session change fee AND the $25.00 Late Registration Fee.

Late Registration/Change Policy

Registration for each program closes at midnight the Thursday before the program begins. If you register for a program or decide to change into or out of a session after registration has closed, there will be an additional $15 late registration fee applied to your quest.

Cancellation Policy

We know that emergencies come up and illnesses occur, and we do our best to accommodate these situations. If you cancel your registration prior to two weeks before the program begins, you will get a full refund minus a $25 cancellation fee. If you cancel within two weeks of the program start date, you will receive a credit good for one year for the amount you paid for the program minus a $25 cancellation fee. You can apply this credit towards another program or merchandise.

Discounts & Financial Aid

We offer several standard discounts as shown below. Discounts are calculated for five-day programs, and may or may not be available for shorter programs (and will be pro-rated, if available). Other restrictions may apply.

    • First Time Discount – Get $50.00 dollars off your first five-day quest! This discount is available only during the first week-long program that your child registers for and participates in. Unfortunately this discount cannot be combined with any online coupons or other “new client” offers or promotions. First-time discounts are available for 3- and 4-day programs, but the discount is pro-rated.
    • Early Bird Discount – Register for a Summer Quest by April 15th and receive $15.00 dollars off each quest that you register for. This discount will be applied automatically in the registration system if you qualify (you will see the price listed as $205 instead of $220). This discount is valid for any 4- or 5-day quest programs, but not for Sword Skirmishes, CIT Knight, or some other programs and may be pro-rated for shorter Quests.
    • Sibling Discount – If two or more siblings sign up for a summer program the same week, each child receives a 5% discount (and any further children also receive this 5% discount). Sibling discounts may not be available 1-day programs or other short programs, as we are already offering these at the lowest price that we can. If you qualify for the sibling discount, it will automatically be applied. If you encounter any issues during registration, contact us.
    • Multisession Discount – Register for three (3) or more five-day summer quests at once to get this great deal: $25.00 dollars off the third quest plus a free t-shirt
    • Friendship Referral Discount – Refer a friend who has never participated in Adventure Quest before and you receive a 25.00 dollar credit after that friend attends one of our five-day programs. Your friend will also qualify for the First Time Discount. Remember to tell your friend to name you when they say how they heard about Majestic Adventures. This discount applies to each household that you refer.
    • Testimonial / Promotional Discount – We offer this to families who help us spread the word. Contact us for details.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

We do our best to make our program to those in financial need. We offer discounts, work-in-trade, and payment plans. If you want to register for our program and need financial aid, then please contact us and we will be happy to explore available options.

Registration FAQ:

Do you charge a registration fee?

Starting in 2019, we are not charging a registration fee.

What is your cancellation & rescheduling policy?

Because we know that emergencies come up and illnesses occur, we do our best to accommodate these situations.

  • If you cancel your registration with at least two weeks notice before the program begins, you will receive a full refund for the program you are cancelling, but you will not get the Registration Fee refunded.
  • If you cancel within two weeks of the program start date (but no later than two business days ), you will receive a “program credit” good for one year for the amount you paid for the program (but not the Registration Fee).
  • If you need to cancel within two business days, we may still be able to give a full credit refund, but if we have denied others the ability to register, only half of the credit is granted.

You can apply cancellation credit towards another program or merchandise.

What if I need to change a session that my child is registered for? 

  • We offer free session changes as long as you give us at least two weeks notice.
  • If you give us less than 2 weeks notice, there is a $15 session change fee.
  • If you need to change sessions within two business days of the program you’re currently registered for, the $25 late registration fee may be applied (see below)

Can I register my child at the last minute (i.e. the weekend before a program begins)?

Registration for each program closes at midnight the Thursday before the program begins. While we do our best to accommodate last minute registrations, we cannot guarantee that there will be space available. If you register for a program or decide to change into or out of a session after registration has closed, there will be an additional $25.00 late registration fee applied to your quest. It is best not to show up at the site on Monday morning expecting there to be space available. To register at the last minute (defined as midnight Thursday before a program begins), you must do the following:

  • Call the Majestic Adventures office number (360) 836-0386 and leave a detailed message with:
  • your child’s name and age
  • the location and type of program you want to register for
  • your name and contact information
  • Email us the same information to

We will contact you before 9pm Sunday evening to inform you if we have a spot for your child. Payment is expected at this time. If this is the first time you are attending our program then you will need to register your child online prior to the start of camp so that we have the proper documentation to give to the Quest Leader.

Do you offer discounts?

Absolutely! See discounts.

Do You Offer Scholarships or Financial Aid?

We do our best to make our program to those in financial need. We offer discounts, work-in-trade, and payment plans. If you want to register for our program and need financial aid, then please contact us and we will be happy to explore available options.

I forgot my online username and/or password. What do I do?

You can choose the Password Reset option in CampBrain, and you will be sent a link to reset your password.

Can my five-year old attend?

Our summer quests and regularly scheduled programs are not open to five year-olds for various reasons:

  • Younger children often have difficulty understanding safety protocols while playing with our Swashers™
  • There are issues of size that can make it difficult for younger (smaller) children to “compete” in swordplay with the older (larger) children
  • We find that children under six have a much shorter attention span, so the quest may not hold their interest for as long as it needs to and therefore they may distract the other children by becoming distant.
  • Our quest leaders base the questing challenges on age appropriateness and cognitive ability and can find it challenging to offer riddles and puzzles that can be solved by a significantly younger child.

We offer birthday parties for five-year olds, and can create special programs for your five-year old and their friends as long as additional parents or other adults are there to assist the Quest Leader with safety.

Can my quester request to be in the same group as friends?

We make every effort to honor friend requests, but they are not guaranteed. Friend requests must be mutual.

Can my younger sibling/friend quest with an older sibling/friend?

We don’t allow younger children to quest with a group of older kids, but rather the older child can quest with a younger group.

Do you have before- or after-care?

No, but we can give you a recommendation on getting one of our awesome Quest Leaders to babysit before or after the program. Please know that, despite Majestic Adventures providing you with names and /or numbers, this option is arranged between you and the quest leader without any connection with our program.

If you are interested in having longer summer Quest programs, let us know. We will do our best to schedule our future programs according to the needs of the most parents.

Can I drop off my child early?

Yes and no. If you are comfortable leaving your child alone to sign in and out on his/her own, then you may do so as long as you fill out that option on the registration form. Unfortunately our Quest Leaders are not available to care for your child/children before the designated start time.

Can I pick up my child early from a quest?

While it is certainly okay for occasional needs, we recommend that the child stay for the entire day and for the entire week that the quest is happening. Remember, Adventure Quest is an interactive story. Missing a few hours will mean that the Quester is out of the story for some time, missing out on crucial decisions! But then again, we all need to visit the doctor or dentist now and then…