A team-oriented sword dueling experience!

Activities that engage, inspire, and challenge a band of warriors, with different options based upon group size, age, and event length.
Kids dueling with foam swordsCapture the flag with foam swords! (Actually, it’s so much more.) Depending upon the number of participants in the class/event, skirmishers take part in a variety of exciting scenarios that develop fitness, teamwork, planning, quick thinking, and problem solving. Sword Skirmish activities may include tournament games, structured free-for-all sports, semi-competitive “adventure rallies,” or storyline-driven adventures, all of which make use of our “Swashers” – safe foam sword sports equipment.

Sword Skirmishes can be integrated into already existing programs and events, both for kids and adults. We offer Sword Skirmish as additional programming to allow an extended day option to our summer camps. We have run Sword Skirmishes as after-school programs for schools interested in something different from our Adventure Quest option, and as recurring school day activities to provide a school’s PE curriculum. They are a popular program type for our birthday parties and custom events.

To set up a custom Sword Skirmish event, please use our Birthday/Event Booking Inquiry Form.

For schools interested in hosting an after-school program with Majestic Adventures, or for schools that allow us to do marketing at school-wide events, we may be able to offer a free Sword Skirmish event. Please contact us for details.

Schedule of Upcoming Sword Skirmish Programs

After-School Programs

We are offering Sword Skirmish this fall at Carl Cozier, Columbia, Sunnyland, and possibly Skyline elementary schools. See After-School Programs for more details

Custom Skirmish Events!

If you are interested in an ongoing or 1-time Sword Skirmish event, please contact us. We can run after-school programs, during-school programs, birthday parties, fitness classes, alternative sports, and more.

Sword Skirmish event types

Team Boffer Games - Foam Sword Battle