Quest & Quill

Creative Writing & Adventure for ages 9+

Creative writing camps have never been so fun!

In the tradition of the ancient Norse Skalds, Quest & Quill encourages creative writing and the oratory arts within an Adventure Quest program. Participants can write about the stories unfolding in their quests, or about their heroic character, or any topic that inspires them.

We focus on the enjoyment of writing, self-expression, and the oratory arts and less on grammar, spelling, and writing style. Each session includes creative writing, Questers reading aloud a short excerpt of their writing, and then—for the bulk of the session—embarking on an outdoor quest (or an online quest during social distancing times). Questers earn powers and treasure for their writing that they can use in any Adventure Quest program.

Stories crafted in Quest & Quill may be submitted for publication in the next Adventure Quest: Stories publication. Adventure Quest: Stories is a collection of lightly-edited short stories submitted by Questers and Quest Leaders.

Creative writing camp for kids in Washington


Quest & Quill is a combination of guided writing lessons and Adventure Quest play that is influenced by what the students have written. It includes curriculum developed for 3 programs, each building upon what is learned in the previous one. Therefore it is a requirement to have completed Part 1 before attending Part 2, and one must have completed parts 1 & 2 before attending part 3.

Part 1: Senses

This program is for those who have never done Quest & Quill before and will cover topics in writing relating to describing physical traits, motion, sounds and combining all of them together.

Part 2: Personalities

This particular set of lessons will revolve around creating the hero/heroine, creating the villain, and the existence of conflict between them and what makes the conflict meaningful.

Part 3: Expression

Building on the previous two parts, this program covers plot development, timelines, styles of narration, and how to put it all together to make an engaging story.

Quest & Quill Program Schedule 2020

Each program will meet for a series of 4 Thursday afternoons from 1:30 – 4:00 pm. Each day will have a mix of structured lessons & creative improvised play.

Program Dates Time Price
Q&Q Online Series
Part 1: Senses
Early Summer Session:
Thursdays 6/4 – 6/25
1:30 – 4:00 pm $100 for 4 days
Q&Q Online Series
Part 2: Personalities
Mid Summer Session:
Thursdays 7/2 – 7/23
1:30 – 4:00 pm $100 for 4 days
Q&Q Online Series
Part 3: Expression
Late Summer Session:
Thursdays 7/30 – 8/20
1:30 – 4:00 pm $100 for 4 days

Program Locations

Quest & Quill is currently available as an Online Summer Camp

MY SON LOVES QUEST & QUILL!!!!!!!!! Writing has not been something that he has enjoyed (seems like we practically need a crow-bar to pry out 5 tiny sentences for his nightly writing homework. Last week, however, he eagerly came home and wrote, 25 lines without any prompting. Seriously off the charts!! You guys are AMAZING!!!!! Thanks.
T.S, parent and research scientist

Program Details

  • Ages 9 to 17 years old

  • Small groups of six support close relationships and a meaningful experience

  • A new quest every time, customized by the students’ interests

  • Challenges develop physical, social, and mental skills. See our experiential education outcomes

  • Students are grouped by age, experience, and interest for best fit, when possible

  • See also Adventure Quest (if your child is more interested in the Questing than the writing)

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