Knight CIT – Teen Leadership Opportunities in Bellingham!

The Knight CIT offering at Majestic Adventures is a unique leadership program where the teens become the mentor to a group of younger kids and assistant to our adult counselors. By engaging in one of our exciting programs (such as Adventure Quest), Knight CITs help with activities, challenges, storytelling, plot dynamics, characters, safety, and leadership. After a Knight CIT completes training, they may sign up to attend any of our day camp programs as a Knight CIT at 50% of the cost of the program. Once they are deemed to be “Master” or “Grandmaster” they may sign up for our programs as a Knight CIT for free.

To be a Knight CIT, the teen must be at least 13 years old, have passed Knighthood Training, and be in good standing.

Program Details

  • Ages 14 to 18 years old (may train at age 13)
  • Assists Quest Leader in mentoring groups of ~6 questers
  • Opportunities to develop storytelling, acting, and leadership skills
  • Opportunities to create interesting challenges & develop characters
  • Grouped with preferred age of students, when possible
  • For other teen programs, see Tabletop Quests
Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we will not be able to offer our Knight CIT program this year.

Knighthood Training Details 

  • 2020 Dates: Week 3 (June 29 – July 3)
  • Who: Teens ages 13-18, who have attended at least 3 Adventure Quest programs

All would-be and current Knights (including Master and Grandmaster Knights) must attend Knighthood Training, with some exceptions (see “Squires” below). Majestic Adventures does not offer any other time to become a Knight CIT except during training. However, those that passed Knighthood Training during a previous year may be able to keep their Knighthood rank for the current year without joining training if they have demonstrated adequate scores on their Knight CIT Evaluations. This is not recommended and should only be considered if the teen cannot attend the training.

In addition to being a good education in leadership skills, Knighthood Training is also FUN! We frequently play improv games and work on quest leading skills like how to become a variety of characters, lead dynamic scenes, and duel multiple opponents at the same time.

Knighthood Training PacketTraining Packet

CITs will be given our Knight CIT Packet with information about the program, including training details, expectations and tips for how to be a good CIT. It includes a questionnaire for the Knight-to-be to fill out and give back to us.


Teens that do not pass the Knighthood Test, who are not yet 13, and/or who are unable to attend Knighthood Training may request to be a Squire. Being a Squire is not an official program – it requires special registration by contacting the MA office. Squires act in the same capacity as a Knight even though they have not attended Training or taken the Knighthood Test. In order to request the title of Squire, the participant must qualify through one of these three options:

  • A Knight CIT Trainer must determine that the teen demonstrates Knight-like abilities during a week or two of actual programs, and/or
  • The Squire lives over 20 miles from the training location. In this case, the teen must have been a Quester at least twice, and the Quest Leaders must verify that the teen makes a good candidate.
  • The Squire may undergo a one-week trial period at the price of a Quester to demonstrate that he or she would make a good Knight. At the end of the trial week, the Quest Leader decides whether the Squire can join as a Knight at apprentice rank, needs one more week as a Squire for proper evaluation, or is not yet ready to become a Knight. If a Squire is enrolled for more than one week, future weeks registered as a Knight are dependent upon the Squire trial period.