Adventure Club: Games & Workshops

Learn new skills, develop your character, explore new options

The Adventure Club is an opportunity to take a little bit of time outside of the active quest to do quest-adjacent activities like:

  • drawing and writing about their character,
  • building an understanding of mythic archetypes,
  • exploring the hero’s journey,
  • learning about real world cultures and mythology,
  • learning dueling techniques and group battle tactics,
    (and how these can change depending on which Swashers are being used)
  • learning real-world crafts and skills like:
    • archery and bow-making
    • spinning, weaving, sewing
    • arts, music, poetry, storytelling, acting
    • wilderness skills and nature awareness

There will also be plenty of opportunity for more free-form activities such as riddles, puzzles, board games, card games, 1-on-1 dueling, and creative expression.

Adventure Club is available as an extended day afternoon option following the Quest in our summer day camps in Bellingham. The time will be 3:00-4:30 pm and can be registered for online in addition to any weeks of camp (if you wish to attend but aren’t attending a Quest that week, contact the office to sign up). Likewise, if you will be only attending certain days of the week, contact the office to register for a partial week.

There will be two options per day:

  1. Workshops on a variety of topics: character development, game system understanding, world lore, adventuring skills, swashbuckling instruction and battle tactics. A great option for kids who want to develop more skills and knowledge to enhance their questing experience. Each day or week will have a different theme, depending on the expertise of the staff leading the workshop. For any of those who do not want to participate in the workshop on that day, there will always be other options for activities (see below):
  2. Games, puzzles, creative activities, and dueling. A great option for kids who want something simple, relaxing, and/or self-directed in the afternoons, after a long days’ Questing. Though these activities may be more self-directed, they will still be supervised by an adult Quest Leader.

The group will be a mix of ages, including kids from multiple questing groups (and thus an option for friends and siblings who have been in different questing groups to connect).

Child using bow & arrow
Teacher showing student poetry and song

Adventure Club Schedule

Location: Cornwall Park, Bellingham (meet at South Shelter)

Dates: Summer Weeks 1-11

Time: M-F 3:00 – 4:30 pm

Ages: 6-17

Price: $90 per week for 5-day camps, pro-rated for shorter weeks

Registration: Register online, if adding a full week Adventure Club to a Quest program, or contact the office for assistance in attending a partial week or attending Adventure Club without attending the Quest.

Camper reciting poetry with shakespearian actress

Program Details

  • Ages 6 to 17 years old

  • A ratio of 10 students to 1 leader supports many options of group play and learning

  • Opportunity to co-create the experience with the leaders

  • Challenges develop creative, social, and mental skills. See our experiential education outcomes

  • Game play with opportunities to reflect develops strategic thinking and skill

  • See also Sword Skirmish, another extended day option (mornings)

Kids navigating obstacle course

Swasher Making Workshops

We offer Swasher-Making workshops at our office space, and as custom Birthday party options.

See below for upcoming workshops or contact us with any inquiries about custom events

Come join our Forgemasters to craft a Swasher, hear some stories of ancient sword masters, and earn a rank in Profession: Smithing. In each of these 3 sessions, the participants will craft and take home a Swasher sword, of the following styles:

  • Dagger / Tanto (small-sized) (not scheduled at this time)
  • Arming Sword / Wakizashi (medium-sized) (Jan 13)
  • Broadsword / Ninjato (large-sized) (Jan 27)
  • Great Sword / Katana (huge-sized) (Feb 17)

Questers will gain three in-quest rewards for their character from this workshop:

  1. Earn 1 rank in Profession: Smithing
  2. Gain an in-game sword with one of these enhancements: Adamantium/Mithril/Yugi/Masterwork
  3. Gain mentor for Secret Path of Forgemaster

Questers may sign up for multiple workshops and create multiple Swashers, with multiple in-game rewards.

Who: Questers aged 9+, or aged 6+ with an adult helper*

Building a Swasher™ boffer

Upcoming Workshops – Schedule & Details

Program Name / Date Location Time Program Options Price
Swasher Building Workshop 1 – Arming Swords / Wakizashi
Sat Jan 13
MA Office 1:00 – 4:00 pm Workshop ages 9-17 $85
Swasher Building Workshop 2 – Broadswords / Ninja-to
Sat Jan 27
MA Office 1:00 – 4:00 pm Workshop ages 9-17 $95
Swasher Building Workshop 3
Sat Feb 17 – Great Swords / Katana
MA Office 1:00 – 4:00 pm Workshop ages 9-17 $115

Future Adventure Academy Programs

Interested in more workshops like swordsmanship, archery and bow-making, alchemy and herbal medicine, wilderness skills, music, garment construction? Let us know – we’d love to expand our offerings and tailor them to your interests!

We have also run overnight camps, field trips to tall ships and medieval villages, and overseas adventures in the castles of Wales, UK. Contact us if you’re interested in attending a program like this in the future.