The Adventure Academy

Learn Life Skills and Secret Paths

Adventure Academy programs give participants a transformative and educational experience within workshops, excursions, and intensive programs. They also foster real-world skills and provide opportunities to overcome challenges on their own and with the invaluable help of other participants, including the “Heroes Journey” challenges of internal growth in the areas of accountability, leadership, honor, and planning.

Each provides unique in-game rewards, plus real-world skills that last a lifetime.

Upcoming Adventure Academy Programs:

Swasher Making Workshops | ATLAS Workshops & Games Club

Swasher Making Workshops

Come join Forgemaster Daelinar to craft a Swasher, hear some stories of ancient sword masters, and earn a rank in Profession: Smithing. In each of these 3 sessions, the participants will craft and take home a Swasher sword, of the following styles:

  • Dagger / Tanto (small-sized)
  • Arming Sword / Wakizashi (medium-sized)
  • Broadsword / Ninjato (large-sized)
  • Great Sword / Katana (huge-sized)

Questers will gain three in-quest rewards for their character from this workshop:

  1. Earn 1 rank in Profession: Smithing
  2. Gain an in-game sword with one of these enhancements: Adamantium/Mithril/Yugi/Masterwork
  3. Gain mentor for Secret Path of Forgemaster

Questers may sign up for multiple workshops and create multiple Swashers, with multiple in-game rewards.

Building a Swasher™ bofferWho: Questers aged 9+, or aged 6+ with an adult helper*
*Swasher crafting requires the ability to sit & focus for an hour or more, safely use scissors, and use various types of tape & permanent markers.

When: Saturday, Jan. 25th, 1-4 pm
Saturday, Feb. 29th, 1-4 pm
Saturday, Mar. 28th, 1-4pm

Where: The Majestic Adventure Workshop (Upstairs in BAAY)

Price: $50-$90 per session, depending on type of Swasher crafted:

  • Dagger / Tanto – $50
  • Arming Sword / Wakizashi – $60
  • Broadsword / Ninjato – $70
  • Great Sword / Katana – $80
  • Dual-colored cloth covering: +$5

ATLAS Workshops & Games Club

Due to COVID-19, we will not be holding our ATLAS Workshops & Games Club programs until Phase 3 begins.

Who: Ages 6-17
: Monday – Thursday afternoons, following all week-long Spring & Summer Break Camps in Bellingham
Time: 3:00 – 4:30 pm, Monday – Thursday

Where: Cornwall Park, Bellingham
Price: $45/week

There will be two options per day:

  1. Workshops on a variety of topics: character development, game system understanding, adventuring skills, swashbuckling instruction and battle tactics. A great option for kids who want to develop more skills and knowledge to enhance their questing experience.
  2. Games, puzzles, creative activities, and dueling. A great option for kids who want something simple, relaxing, and/or self-directed in the afternoons, after a long days’ Questing.

There will be a reward of treasure and/or experience points from participating in the workshops, which can be added to the character sheets on Friday.

Workshop theme schedule:

  • Spring Break: April 6-10 – Different workshops each day
  • Summer Week 1: June 15-19 – Different workshops each day
  • Summer Week 2: June 22-26 – Different workshops each day
  • Summer Week 3: June 29 – July 3 – Character development
  • Summer Week 4: July 6-10 – Game system exploration
  • Summer Week 5: July 13-17 – Swordplay, battle, teamwork & adventuring skills
  • Summer Week 6: July 20-24 – Character development
  • Summer Week 7: July 27-31 – Game system exploration
  • Summer Week 8: Aug 3-7 – Swordplay, battle, teamwork & adventuring skills
  • Summer Week 9: Aug 10-14 – Character development
  • Summer Week 10: Aug 17-21 – Game system exploration
  • Summer Week 11: Aug 24-28 – Swordplay, battle, teamwork & adventuring skills
Note: these afternoon programs run Monday through Thursday. Our camps end on Friday at 3:00, with a closing circle after the Bazaar.

Future Adventure Academy Programs

Interested in more workshops like swordsmanship, archery and bow-making, alchemy and herbal medicine, wilderness skills, music, garment construction? Let us know – we’d love to expand our offerings and tailor them to your interests!

We have also run overnight camps, field trips to tall ships and medieval villages, and overseas adventures in the castles of Wales, UK. Contact us if you’re interested in attending a program like this in the future.