Online Camps & Enrichment Programs for Youth

We may all need to stay at home, but Adventure still awaits! 

Majestic Adventures is exploring a new frontier- Online Classes!  With schools closed and social distancing guidelines, our typical programs are no longer an option.  We have high hopes that life will return to normal soon and we can once again join children together in person for interactive programs.  But for now, we are moving online.  Our online programs will offer a social connection that we are all missing during this time of social distancing.  Our skilled staff will keep children engaged throughout the program by creating an interactive story that includes diverse, age-appropriate challenges that draw upon each Quester’s unique strengths & skills! In this unprecedented time, we have adapted our Quest programs to work online via the Zoom video chat platform, so that kids can still participate in interactive storytelling adventures in which they become the heroes of a mythic quest. Our programs foster skills like teamwork, creative problem solving, and adaptability that are so important at this time.

Information on our Covid-19 Plan

(updated March 24th, 2020)

Weekly Afternoon Online Quest Programs

Each of our online programs will use the Zoom platform, available for Mac & Windows computers and most smart phones.

You may sign up for more than one day per week! Each program will have a different storyline.

Adventure Quest: Online Weekly Afternoon Program

Who: Questers (ages 6+)
When: Mondays – 3/30-4/20 (4 weeks)
and/or Wednesdays – 4/1-4/22 (4 weeks)
and/or Fridays – 4/3-4/24 (4 weeks)
Time: 2:30 pm- 4:30 pm
Cost: $70 per session. Multiple sessions may be enrolled.

What: Come join in an epic adventure around the lands of Thael. This adventure will feel similar to many of our other quests, just taking place on an online platform! There will be a heavier focus on riddles, traps and social encounters for the quester’s characters to puzzle through, but epic battles may still take place in the grand realms of the imagination.

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Creative Writing Enrichment Program Quest and Quill: Online Weekly Afternoon Program

Who: Questers (ages 9+)
When: Tuesdays – 3/31-4/21
and/or Thursdays- 4/2-4/23
Time: 2:30-4:30
Cost: $70

What: Each Quest & Quill session includes creative writing, Questers reading aloud a short excerpt of their writing, and then-for the bulk of the session- embarking on an online quest.  This program is running alongside our writing and art contest, and is a great opportunity to develop writing skills to aid questers in the contest, while providing an educational program in a creative and supportive environment.

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