Can my five-year-old attend?

Our summer quests and regularly scheduled programs are not open to five year-olds, for various reasons: Younger children often have difficulty understanding safety protocols while playing with our Swashers There are issues of size that can make it difficult for younger (smaller) children to "compete" in swordplay with the older (larger) children We find that children under six have a much shorter attention span, so the quest may not hold their interest for as long as it needs to and therefore they may distract the other children by becoming distant. Our quest leaders base the questing challenges on age appropriateness and cognitive ability and can find it challenging to offer riddles and puzzles that can be solved by a significantly younger child. We offer birthday parties for five-year olds, and can create special programs for your five-year old and their friends, as long as additional parents or other adults are there to assist the Quest Leader with safety. See Home Quest and Family Quest for more information

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Can I request a particular Quest Leader for a quest or party?

Yes! Please make note of it on the registration form which Quest Leader inspires your children the most, and we'll do our best to accommodate it. Note that it is never guaranteed that your child will be placed with the requested leader or friend.

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Can a younger sibling/friend quest with an older sibling/friend?

We usually don’t allow younger children to quest with a group of older kids, but on occasion, an older sibling or friend can quest with a younger group. Requests must be made at least one week prior to the start of camp.

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Can my Quester request to be in the same group as friends?

We make every effort to honor friend requests, but they are not guaranteed. Friend requests must be made at least one week prior to the start of camp and they must be mutual.

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Can I pick up my child early?

While that’s certainly okay for occasional needs, we recommend that the child stay for the entire day and for the entire week that the quest is happening. Remember, Adventure Quest is an interactive story. Missing a few hours will mean that the Quester is out of the story for some time, missing out on crucial decisions! But then again, we all need to visit the doctor at some reasonable time of the day now and then…

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Can I drop off my child early?

Until your child is signed in to our program, they are not under our supervision and we have no responsibility for them. Furthermore, all Questers are required to have an authorized adult sign them in and out every day unless the parent or guardian has given written permission otherwise (such as through the registration form).

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Is your registration secure?

Yes! We take security very seriously and whether you register online or by phone we have policies and procedures to keep you credit card data safe.

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Do you have before- or after-care?

At some sites, we run extended programs called "Sword Skirmish Club" or "ATLAS Games Club," but these must be registered for just like any of our programs. We are planning to offer these programs in Bellingham during the summer of 2023.

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I have a credit in my account. How do I use it?

If you have a credit in your account, you may use it to pay for programming when registering online. If the credit is in the current season (for example if you cancelled a week of summer camp and wanted to enroll in another week that same summer), it will automatically be applied to your cart when you are adding new sessions, so when you go to check out you will see the remaining balance. If you have credit remaining from a previous system, please contact the office so that we can transfer it into the current season. The above applies when you are using your account credit to pay for any program that uses our online registration system. You may also use your account credit for birthday parties, custom quests, and merchandise from our online store. To do so, please contact the office.

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