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Do you have a Lost & Found?

Throughout the year we collect a large amount of items that are left behind by campers. We encourage you to write your child’s name or initials on clothing, water bottles, and any items that they might bring to one of our programs. If you believe that one of your child’s belongings may be in the lost and found, please notify our office staff promptly. We keep our found items at our truck for the duration of the program (eg during the week it was lost at summer camp), after which they are taken to the office. MA promises to keep items in the lost and found for at least two weeks, and if there’s a name on the item, we will attempt to contact you about picking it up. After two weeks or several unreturned phone calls, the lost item will be donated to charity.

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Can parents join a quest to see what it’s like?

Absolutely. If you are curious about what a quest is like, you may join in for an hour or so during the day. Please talk to the Quest Leader and the office about what a good day or time is for the visit.

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Can a younger sibling/friend quest with an older sibling/friend?

We usually don’t allow younger children to quest with a group of older kids, but on occasion, an older sibling or friend can quest with a younger group. Requests must be made at least one week prior to the start of camp.

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Can my Quester request to be in the same group as friends?

We make every effort to honor friend requests, but they are not guaranteed. Friend requests must be made at least one week prior to the start of camp and they must be mutual.

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What if I’m late in picking up my child?

During each pick up, staff will stay late and wait with the children whose parents have not arrived. There is a ten minute grace period for picking up participants at the end of a program. The grace period begins at the time that the program is officially over. The late pick up fee is $5 for every five minutes or part of five minutes after the grace period. Late pick up, if arranged with 24 hours notice, drops to $2 for every five minutes or $24/hour. If a parent is more than 20 minutes late, all efforts will be made to contact the parent including calling the emergency numbers provided on the health form. If there is late-pickup at a program that overlaps with an extended day option (such as Adventure Club after our Bellingham Summer & Spring Break Camps), we may elect to transfer the child to the extended day program, and automatically charge the enrollment fee for that program.

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Can I pick up my child early?

While that’s certainly okay for occasional needs, we recommend that the child stay for the entire day and for the entire week that the quest is happening. Remember, Adventure Quest is an interactive story. Missing a few hours will mean that the Quester is out of the story for some time, missing out on crucial decisions! But then again, we all need to visit the doctor at some reasonable time of the day now and then…

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Can I drop off my child early?

Until your child is signed in to our program, they are not under our supervision and we have no responsibility for them. Furthermore, all Questers are required to have an authorized adult sign them in and out every day unless the parent or guardian has given written permission otherwise (such as through the registration form). In our Bellingham Summer Camps, we have extended day options including a Morning Sword Skirmish from 8:30 - 10:00 am, before our Adventure Quest and Star Quest programs (10:00 am - 3:00 pm). If you need to drop your child off early, we recommend they sign up for the Morning Sword Skirmish program. Register online.

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Is your registration secure?

Yes! We take security very seriously and whether you register online or by phone we have policies and procedures to keep you credit card data safe.

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