No, but they can be fun and helpful for the some Questers! We will provide all of the materials need to Quest, including the Swasher™ swords, and teach the Questers the rules of the game that are relevant to them in the moment. For Questers who want a deeper dive into the game system, the Adventure Quest Game Book is a great resource which describes all the standard Rules, Races, Paths, Equipment, Pets, and Powers. Likewise, purchasing Swashers can be a great way to have sword duels with friends & family all year long outside of camp hours.

One important note is that we are working on an updated 2nd edition of Adventure Quest, with the hope that a new 2nd Edition Game Book will be available in the summer of 2024.

We sell Game Books, Swashers, adventuring gear, and other merchandise in our Online Store, and also typically have a sample for sale during our summer camps Tuesday through Friday.