Our summer quests and regularly scheduled programs are not open to five year-olds, for various reasons:

  • Younger children often have difficulty understanding safety protocols while playing with our Swashers
  • There are issues of size that can make it difficult for younger (smaller) children to “compete” in swordplay with the older (larger) children
  • We find that children under six have a much shorter attention span, so the quest may not hold their interest for as long as it needs to and therefore they may distract the other children by becoming distant.
  • Our quest leaders base the questing challenges on age appropriateness and cognitive ability and can find it challenging to offer riddles and puzzles that can be solved by a significantly younger child.

We offer birthday parties for five-year olds, and can create special programs for your five-year old and their friends, as long as additional parents or other adults are there to assist the Quest Leader with safety. See Home Quest and Family Quest for more information