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What are your safety rules?

General Safety Rules Always stay in sight & sound of Quest Leader Do not hurt people with our words – no name-calling or put-downs No climbing higher than waist-level No swimming Follow illness & covid protocols Swasher Safety Rules Play lightly and safely. Do not swing or tag hard. Keep the Swasher in front of you (no baseball bat style swings) Tag with the thin padded edge only. Do not slap with the flat of the blade or tag with the hilt. Do not tag the head, neck, groin, or any place that is susceptible to injury. Do not throw Swasher – Swasher must be held in a hand at all times. Do not duel in anger – if angry, set the Swasher down and tell Quest Leader. If someone calls out "Time-out!" or "Freeze", immediately stop the duel and wait until "time-in" is called before dueling again Do not duel when someone has fallen down – automatic "time-out" until they are on their feet and ready to duel Do not try to hold the swasher with anything besides the hands – no holding with the armpits, legs, chin, or mouth Get consent before dueling – say "I challenge you to a duel" or "do you want to duel?" and only duel if they say "yes" or "I accept". If they say "no" or don't say anything at all, we cannot even touch them Do not tag anyone not playing our game Do not tag nature (the ground, trees, rocks, etc) Do not get Swasher wet. Do not lean on Swasher or use it as a walking stick.

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Do I need to buy your game book or foam swords to come to a program?

No, but they can be fun and helpful for the some Questers! We will provide all of the materials need to Quest, including the Swasher™ swords, and teach the Questers the rules of the game that are relevant to them in the moment. For Questers who want a deeper dive into the game system, the Adventure Quest Game Book is a great resource which describes all the standard Rules, Races, Paths, Equipment, Pets, and Powers. Likewise, purchasing Swashers can be a great way to have sword duels with friends & family all year long outside of camp hours. One important note is that we are working on an updated 2nd edition of Adventure Quest, with the hope that a new 2nd Edition Game Book will be available in the summer of 2024. We sell Game Books, Swashers, adventuring gear, and other merchandise in our Online Store, and also typically have a sample for sale during our summer camps Tuesday through Friday.

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Is there a place where Questers store their bags/belonings?

For most of our programs, we meet in a public park and so we do not have a secure or centralized facility for gathering/storage. Anything your Quester needs access to throughout the day they'll need to take with them in their backpacks. However, we don't wear the backpacks all the time; we travel to an area, set backpacks down, do some questing, and then travel to another area with our packs. Occasionally, if there's something the Quester won't be needing at all during the day (such as a car seat that needs to be in a different vehicle at pickup), it can be left in a Majestic Adventures vehicle, but that is not guaranteed, and should be arranged beforehand.

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Can my five-year-old attend?

Our summer quests and regularly scheduled programs are not open to five year-olds, for various reasons: Younger children often have difficulty understanding safety protocols while playing with our Swashers There are issues of size that can make it difficult for younger (smaller) children to "compete" in swordplay with the older (larger) children We find that children under six have a much shorter attention span, so the quest may not hold their interest for as long as it needs to and therefore they may distract the other children by becoming distant. Our quest leaders base the questing challenges on age appropriateness and cognitive ability and can find it challenging to offer riddles and puzzles that can be solved by a significantly younger child. We offer birthday parties for five-year olds, and can create special programs for your five-year old and their friends, as long as additional parents or other adults are there to assist the Quest Leader with safety. See Home Quest and Family Quest for more information

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Can I request a particular Quest Leader for a quest or party?

Yes! Please make note of it on the registration form which Quest Leader inspires your children the most, and we'll do our best to accommodate it. Note that it is never guaranteed that your child will be placed with the requested leader or friend.

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Should I tip for birthday parties or other events?

Tips are always appreciated by our Quest Leaders, but they are never expected. Our Quest Leaders are paid better than the average camp counselor.

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Do you do any quests during the weekends?

We can host a Birthday Party or special event during any weekend you schedule one for. Please see birthday parties and events. Sometimes we run Adventure Academy Workshops or a variety of ongoing weekend quest programs. If you are interested in having Majestic Adventures run a Home Quest program for one or several weekends in a row, please contact us.

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Do I need to buy your game book (or other books) to come to a program?

No, but they are helpful for the experienced Quester. Of the various books we offer, the Adventure Quest Game Book should be the first book to buy, as it is the essential book to play Adventure Quest. It describes all the standard Rules, Races, Paths, Equipment, Pets, and Powers. You can order it here.

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What should I bring or pack to your program?

Pack a backpack for your child with a hat for sun protection, a bag lunch with a snack, at least one filled water bottle (two for extended days), a light poncho, warm clothes (for Holiday Quests, as we are outside as much as possible even in the winter!). Your child should be ready with sunscreen already applied. Hiking boots are recommended and give more traction outdoors, but sneakers are adequate. Please do not allow your child to bring candy or gum, pocket knives, electronic games, money, or anything of value.

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