This year we are offering both online camps and in-person camps!  The team at MA is following advice from local health officials and is following guidelines and recommendations made by health and government authorities. For more information see: Our Plan for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 (updated 4-1-2022), which adheres to the guidelines for day camps by the Dept of Health

Complete List of Safety Measures to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Our Summer 2022 Programming Plan: 

  • In-Person Programs: We are running in-person outdoor Adventure Quest programs in Bellingham and Seattle at city Parks. See more details
  • Online Programs: We will not be offering scheduled virtual quests this summer. We can still create a custom online program or event! More about Online Programs.
  • Home Quests and custom programs: Gather your neighborhood friends and family for a custom quest at your home, backyard, and nearby parks. We send an awesome Quest Leader to you! Alternatively, you could design a custom online camp for your child and their friends. More about Home Quests
  • Birthday Parties: We are offering birthday parties both in-person and online. More about Birthday Parties

We realize that you may have questions around programs and finances.   Please read through the following information for details.

Outline of COVID Plan & Masking Policies

  • All Employees required to be vaccinated unless granted medical or religious exemptions
  • Masking is no longer required for groups:
    • Families can still request to have their questers in a “Mask Required” group that will be required to wear a mask whenever questers are within 6’ of others. We will do our best to honor requests but cannot guarantee them.
    • Individual participant’s masking choices will be respected and supported without judgment. 
    • When differing masking preferences are held by participants in the same group, Quest Leaders will facilitate conversations within the groups to come up with a plan so all participants feel safe and supported, with the aim of having everyone’s voice heard and considered. 
  • Masking will not be required during inter-group interactions. Groups will be encouraged to cohort with other groups of similar preferences for encounters and scenes. 
  • Masking is not required during games at lunch during our full day quests. Individuals may choose to mask or not mask based on their comfort and needs.  
    • For larger programs a mask required area will be provided during lunches so that participants who are in a mask required group, or are more comfortable interacting with other masked participants, can still participate and duel with their friends. 
  • Layers of protection: Our continued baseline practices are hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, social distancing, and sanitization. As directed by the DOH and CDC we may implement more strict social distancing for all groups and masking if directed to do so by state mandates. 
    • Frequent hand washing continues to be encouraged and hand washing stations are provided
    • Sanitization of high touch surfaces at beginning and middle of day for public programs
    • Unscented hand sanitizer is carried by all employees and available for participants to use when hand washing is not available. 
  • Screening will only occur on the first day of programming for day quest and full-week programs. After the first day, it is up to families and staff to notify us if there has been any changes in their health or exposure.
  • If a participant shows symptoms during the program they must be isolated from other participants, sent home, and referred to testing, unless those symptoms have already been attributed to a non-communicable disease (such as seasonal allergies or a history of migraines).
    • If exhibiting Symptoms of / testing positive for COVID-19:
      • Must Isolate for 10 days of onset of Symptoms or Test
      • Can return to activities after 5 days in isolation if:
        • Symptoms have improved/asymptomatic
        • No fever for 24 hours without medication
      • If returning to activities for days 6-10 required to  wear a well fitting mask and/or test negative with a rapid antigen test. A negative antigen test does not require further masking, according to WA DOH
  • Exposed Persons are not required to isolate and can continue to participate in programs.
  • In the event of an exposure at camp we will notify participants and employees identified as close contacts, and any and all immunocompromised individuals, or medically fragile individuals at camp.
  • In Case of exposure we encourage:
    • close contacts to wear a mask for 10 days following exposure
    • Get test 3-5 days after exposure (MUST Isolate with a positive test)
    • Monitor symptoms

Family Resources:

If you are at home under quarantine and looking for something to do for entertainment, consider the following resources:

Official Resources

For more resources relating to Covid-19, please visit:

For a complete list of safety measures we are taking in response to official requirements and recommendations, click here.