This year we are offering both online camps and in-person camps!  The team at MA is following advice from local health officials and is following guidelines and recommendations made by health and government authorities. For more information see: Our Plan for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 (updated 8-24-2021), which adheres to the guidelines for day camps by the Dept of Health

Complete List of Safety Measures to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Our Summer 2022 Programming Plan: 

  • In-Person Programs: We are running in-person outdoor Adventure Quest programs in Bellingham and Seattle at city & state Parks. Click here to register
  • Online Programs: We will not be offering scheduled virtual quests this summer. We can still create a custom online program or event! More about Online Programs.
  • Home Quests and custom programs: Gather your neighborhood friends and family for a custom quest at your home, backyard, and nearby parks. We send an awesome Quest Leader to you! Alternatively, you could design a custom online camp for your child and their friends. More about Home Quests
  • Birthday Parties: We are offering birthday parties both in-person and online. More about Birthday Parties

We realize that you may have questions around programs and finances.   Please read through the following information for details.

In-Person Programs – What changes will be made to promote good health at camp?

  • Groups will be kept to 6 participants or less. Each group will isolate from other groups and will only interact with their own quest leader, or possibly site supervisors. Different questing groups will may interact with each other, but will have masks on for the entire duration of their interaction, and the time period of interaction will be limited to 15 minutes.
  • Questers will be asked to remain at least 3 feet away from other participants in their groups, and at least 6 feet away from their Quest Leaders whenever possible, except during duels or briefly when other safety measures or activities require closer spacing. Masks must be worn any time 6’ social distancing cannot be maintained, unless they are participating in a group that has all elected to be mask-optional.
  • We will have hand-washing stations as well as bottled hand sanitizer and will make sure that campers and staff are stopping several times per day, especially before snack and meals, to wash their hands. 
  • There will be a designated area to care for, isolate and quarantine sick campers. Sick campers and staff will be sent home.
  • There will be a designated health, safety & COVID-19 supervisor, who will be responsible for health screening checks, sanitizing surfaces, and monitoring any sick campers.
  • Families will receive a link to an online health pre-screening questionnaire on the day before the program. Responses are due by 8:00 am the morning of the program. Couldn’t find the emailed link? Click here to access the health screening questionnaire.
  • There will be a wider window of time for drop-off and pickup at the beginning and ending of each program to facilitate in-person health screenings and staggered pick-ups/drop-offs
  • During drop-off, proceed to the check-in station. The COVID-19 supervisor will perform a health screening, and record your child’s temperature. (this will include questions on the health of quester & family and use of a non-contact thermometer and hand sanitizer will be available.
  • After the health screening, Questers and parents will be directed to their Quest Leader for sign-in. Please wear a mask and bring your own pen to use when signing in & out.
  • Questers must wear a mask that meets the requirements for face coverings. They may either bring a well-fitting mask from home or receive a mask labeled with their name to use while at the program. Their mask & Swasher will be turned in at the end of the day to their quest leader, kept in a bag separate from those of other groups, and will not be touched until the next day. Designated mask-free times will occur throughout the day, with all participants sitting at least 6 feet apart.
  • The COVID-19 supervisor will remain on-site to sanitize frequently used locations and to be present in case of illness during a quest day.
  • Should a Quester or Quest Leader, or anyone in a Quester’s or Quest Leader’s household, show symptoms of COVID-19, appropriate protocols as recommended by the Department of Health will be followed. This may include having the Quester or Quest Leader  remain home until at least 24 hours have passed since resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications, AND either a COVID-19 test provides confirmation of negative results, a medical professional provides a note saying they may return, or until an appropriate amount of time has passed since symptoms first appeared.
  • If a camper or staff has been in direct contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus, that child or staff will not be allowed to attend camp for a minimum of 14 days after the exposure.
  • For a complete list of safety measures, click here.

Family Resources:

If you are at home under quarantine and looking for something to do for entertainment, consider the following resources:

Official Resources

For more resources relating to Covid-19, please visit:

For a complete list of safety measures we are taking in response to official requirements and recommendations, click here.