Sword Games

A team-oriented sword dueling experience! Ages 6+

This active series of team games will put the partygoers’ swashbuckling skills to work! Children and guests wield one of our safe, foam Swasher swords and axes to duel against each other in fun, structured games, designed to allow children to explore sword dueling in a safe, constructive atmosphere. One such activity is a capture the flag game called Dwarves and Goblins. There are no puzzles or maps in this party, but participants are encouraged to strategize and plan the best way to accomplish sometimes daunting odds.


  • 45 minutes: $100. 1 hour: $125.
  • Up to 10 children (6 children during COVID times as per DOH guidelines)
  • Each additional group of 10 children (6 children during COVID times) requires an additional Quest Leader at $75/hr
  • For longer durations or bigger groups, consider purchasing a Tournament dueling booth instead
  • You can combine this event with a Storytelling & Theater performance
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Details & Options

  • Ages 6 to adult

  • A variety of games encourage teamwork, strategy, and agility

  • Up to 20 participants per Quest Leader

  • Ideal length: 45 minutes – 1 hour

  • Can be customized to fit the theme of your event

  • Can be combined with Storytelling & Theater events