Sword Games Parties & Events – A team-oriented sword dueling experience!

Looking for an active, energetic and fun activity for your next party or event? 

Let us lead your guests in a series of fun dueling activities and group skirmish games.

Sharpen your dueling skills with Sword Games!

Sword Games is a physically active program, focused on play with safe foam swords to encourage teamwork, coordination, and strategy in a mix of competitive and cooperative games. This active series of group games will put the participants’ swashbuckling skills to work! Participants wield one of our safe, foam Swasher swords and axes to duel against each other in fun, structured games, designed to allow children to explore sword dueling in a safe, constructive atmosphere. Can you capture the flag in a game of Dwarves vs Goblins, grow your team in a game of Lords & Champions, or use your wits to rout out the spies from the court in a game of Spy? There are no puzzles, riddles, or maps this activity, but participants are encouraged to strategize and plan the best way to accomplish sometimes daunting odds.

Our staff come in costume, facilitate the games, and bring all the supplies needed. Our foam Swasher™ swords are the safest boffers on the market and our staff have hundreds of hours of training and experience facilitating play and watching for safety.


  • 1 hour: $175, or 1.5 hours: $225.
  • Up to 10 children (with 1 Quest Leader)
  • Each additional group of 10 children requires an additional Quest Leader at $85 (1 hour) or $125 (1½ hours)
  • You can combine this event with a Storytelling & Theater performance or Treasure Quest scavenger hunt
  • Cost to add a ½ hour storytelling performance to a Sword Games option is $75.
  • Party favors, add-ons, & gifts available! See add-on options.

Details & Options

For schools interested in hosting an after-school program with Majestic Adventures, or for schools that allow us to do marketing at school-wide events, we may be able to offer a free Sword Games event. Please contact us for details.