Swasher-Making Parties & Special Events

Enter the foam forge and craft your own blade!

Come join our Forgemasters to craft a Swasher, and play some group dueling games or get a lesson in dueling technique. In each of these sessions, the participants will craft and take home a Swasher™ (high quality foam boffer sword, spear or other weapon).

We offer Swasher-Making workshops at our office space, as Birthday parties and custom events, as well as occasional public workshops.

Building a Swasher™ boffer


  • 3 hours: $375 plus a per-Swasher materials fee.
  • Depending on the focus and skill level of participants (and potentially help from adults), shorter workshops may be possible. Rates would be $275 for a 2 hour party or $325 or a 2½ hour party
  • Up to 8 participants with 1 Forgemaster
  • Each additional group of 8 participants requires an additional Forgemaster at $165 (2 hours), or $205 (2½ hours), or $245 (3 hours)
  • You can combine this event with Sword Games for facilitated group dueling games with the freshly made Swashers
  • Cost to add a ½ hour Sword Games option is $40, 1 hour Sword Games is $80.
  • Party favors, add-ons, & gifts available! See add-on options.

Details & Options

  • Ages 9 to adult

  • Up to 8 participants per Forgemaster

  • Ideal length: 3 hours – usually allows some time for decoration, sword dueling instruction or Sword Games after the Swashers are built

  • Different Swasher models available to match your interests or the theme of your party

  • Can be combined with Sword Games for an active dueling component following the workshop