Storytelling & Theater

Birthday Parties & Events for Ages 5 to Adult

A dynamic, interactive performance!

Storytelling birthday parties for kidsLet your imagination guide your guests as they travel to far away lands. Majestic Adventures storytellers weave together magical, mythical characters from exciting places into the hearts of the partygoers. During the story, volunteers may don costumes and assist the storyteller by acting out characters, or interact with the storyteller by offering suggestions and ideas to solve dilemmas. We are versed in many stories, and it may be possible to provide a story that mirrors the theme of your party. A great activity for children ages 5 and up; storytelling is a good solution for a group of highly diverse ages, and is definitely enjoyed by adults.

Interactive Theater

​Characters for unique events!

Add interactive actors to your themed event, and customize with scripts, challenges, and/or other ideas. We have joined galas, festivals, and school events and can work with you to make your special event come alive!


  • 30 minute storytelling/theater performance: $150. 1 hour storytelling/theater performance: $225
  • No group size limit.
  • You can combine this option with Sword Games or Hero Mission (max 10 kids per Quest Leader)
  • Cost to add a storytelling performance to a Sword Games / Hero Mission option is $100.
  • Party favors, add-ons, & gifts available! See add-on options.

Details & Options

  • Ages 5 to adult

  • Suitable for mixed age groups, enjoyed by adults & kids alike

  • Available to groups of all sizes

  • 30 minutes +

  • Can be customized to fit the theme of your party

  • Can be combined with Sword Skirmish, Hero Mission, or other Sword Skirmish events