Sorceress and GoblinsThe participants in Adventure Quest are the heroes of an incredibly fun and dynamic quest, working together in a mythical and magical world to overcome interesting challenges, solve mystifying riddles, brainstorm unique solutions to puzzling dilemmas, and swashbuckle with foes.

The questers experience the excitement and confidence that comes from choosing to band together to defend a village, solve a perplexing mystery, or negotiate a peace treaty. At the beginning of the party, they choose one of several mythical archetypes, gaining imaginative powers that they may utilize in creative ways to solve the quest. Adventure Quest leaders come in costume and bring Swasher swords. Swashers are made of safe foam  and are used to teach good sportsmanship, fair play, and respect for others.

This option is like a super-condensed version of our Summer Camps.

Suitable for ages 8+

Recommended # of participants: 4-7 children

Usual running time: 1.5-2 hours

Types of Birthday Party:

Adventure Quest | Hero Mission | Sword Games | Storytelling | Custom Party or Event