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Lost Forest Raiders

Are you looking for an unforgettable company team-building venue, bachelor party, or other group event? Bring Majestic Adventures’s 15 years of expertise to craft an experience unlike any other!

Evolve your group into a team by overcoming exciting and daunting challenges! Your group is equipped with a riddle map, a bag of supplies, and swords. Somewhere in the wilderness is a buried treasure chest, but other marauding bandits seek to take the loot… and your life. Can you overcome a series of dynamic challenges and work together as a team before time runs out?

This and other team-building programs and events can be compared to popular Escape Rooms, except that it takes place outside in the beauty of nature, has a more relaxed feel (even with the exciting battles), and often costs much less for a longer session.

Using safe, foam swords and actual props (like a riddle map, wilderness gear, shovels and a buried treasure chest), your group must make decisions, strives to overcome exciting and daunting challenges, and emerge victorious. Each member of the group has one “perk” that is crucial to some part of the program’s success, and every member of the group must work together in several team challenges, including several combat ambushes. By the end of the day, your group will truly be a team!

Customize this event with different themes, level of difficulty, and length (from several hours to a week-long scenario that integrates other skills instructors).

Adventure Quest - fun summer camp for kids

Program Locations

We come to your location or work with you to set up an immersive experience that you can bring your team to.

Program Details

  • Adults of any age

  • Customized to your group size

  • Customized to your objective

  • Challenges develop physical, social, and mental skills. See our experiential education outcomes

  • Each member of the team gets a chance to shine

We were beyond thrilled with our experience! The staff worked closely with us… and proved to be impressively adept at shifting gears throughout each session, in response to our group’s many needs. Outrageously fun, as well as mentally and physically stimulating (while also very safe, which was of paramount importance to us). If you’re considering something very special for your next event, look no further. This is a gem of a company with a heart of gold and a passion for delivering quality programs that are unlike any other.
Ginamarie Showalter, Program Coordinator, Profoundly Gifted Retreat