Caped Hero (RGB, cropped, medium)Let Majestic Adventures join your party or event to lead a variety of creative and unique parties for ages 6 – adult. Most activities can be customized to a particular theme or set of challenges, such as allowing the participants to be warriors and wizards, ninjas and samurai, Norse or Greek legends, medieval knights in Charlemagne’s court, or even characters from a favorite book or movie series.

In all of our activities listed here, our Quest Leaders dress in costume and run an imaginative interactive storytelling game that makes use of safe, foam swords called Swashers. A short description of each type of party is below;

We offer a wide range of popular birthday and special events programs in Bellingham, Whatcom County, and other areas in Washington. Our offerings include storytelling, imaginative and engaging Adventure Quests, exciting sword games, and treasure hunts! You choose your location and we come in costume with swashers for everyone. All of our events are customizable for children and adults alike.

Types of Party:

Adventure Quest (1.5-2 hours, more involved, suited for a group of 5-7 children)

Hero Mission (usually 45 minutes to an hour), suited for up to 10 children)

Sword Games (30 minutes to an hour, suited for up to 20 children)

Storytelling (30 minutes, suited for any number of children)

Custom Party or Event (the sky is the limit!)


“I wanted you to know that Jacob had the most wonderful time at his birthday party on Saturday. Thank you for making it so magical. I’m sure you could tell by the huge smiles on the children’s faces that everyone had a blast. It was the best birthday party we’ve ever had. My only concern is how to top this next year!”
Stefanie Clarke, parent