Looking for fun birthday party & event ideas?

With over 15 years of experience and thousands of happy kids in the Bellingham, Seattle, and Skagit areas, our kids birthday parties are as unique as they are memorable!

The best parties for kids in Washington

Exciting quests, team games, treasure hunts, and more! Choose from a variety of options, customize the theme, and let Majestic Adventures lead an unforgettable experience! We join your birthday party or other event in costume and equipped with safe foam swords and other props. Be a hero in a new Star Wars-themed adventure, journey as Frozen-themed princesses in a Treasure Quest, rally teams in Viking capture the flag, or pick some other fantastic option!

Let Majestic Adventures join your party or event to lead a variety of creative and unique parties for ages 6 – adult. Most activities can be customized to a particular theme or set of challenges, such as allowing the participants to be warriors and wizards, ninjas and samurai, Norse or Greek legends, medieval knights in Charlemagne’s court, or even characters from a favorite book or movie series.

My son had the most wonderful time at his birthday party. Thank you for making it so magical. You could tell by the huge smiles on the children’s faces that everyone had a blast. It was the best birthday party we’ve ever had. My only concern is how to top this next year!
Stephanie Clarke, parent

Party & Event Types

In all of our activities listed here, our Quest Leaders dress in costume and run an imaginative interactive storytelling game that makes use of safe, foam swords called Swashers. A short description of each type of party is below. Each of our events can be customized in theme, duration, location, and number of participants.

Thank you for another wonderful party for Finnegan. All left enchanted and exhausted!

From a family of adventure quest admirers, Bellingham

We Come To You For Birthday Parties!

Also, ask about inclement weather options.

We offer birthday parties in Bellingham, Seattle, Everett, Mount Vernon, Anacortes, Whatcom County, Skagit County, King County, Snohomish County, the greater Seattle Metro area, and locations around northwest Washington.

Party & Event General Pricing

  • $175 the first hour, $100 per hour afterward.
  • One Quest Leader is needed per 6-20 participants, depending upon activity type.
  • For additional Quest Leaders: $85 for 1 hour, $125 for 1.5 hours, $165 for 2 hours
  • Additional fees may be needed for add-ons, setup, or travel.

Party Favors, Add-Ons, & Memorable Gifts

Give your participants treasure at the end of the quest for a gift that will be remembered and cherished!

Fun add-ons and gifts may be purchased, such as pouches with polished stones, rented costumes, the gift of a foam sword, an Adventure Quest Game Book, or leather adventuring gear accessories. Most of these add-ons and gifts are integrated into the experience and will be remembered for their important role in the story.

See our store for ideas of extra gifts to include with the party.

Add-ons & Gift Purchases:

$5 each: Faux velvet pouches with polished rocks and pyrite (fool’s gold) are a great party favor that is integrated into the adventure!

Price Varies: At the end of the adventure, the very sword that the birthday child was wielding is theirs to keep! See our Store for pricing & availability.

Price Varies: At the end of the adventure, the birthday child receives a special piece of adventuring gear, such as a belt and sword holder and belt pouch, leather armour, or a handmade leather-bound journal! See our Store for pricing & availability.

$50-$150: Add a medieval tent to the gathering for a truly magnificent backdrop!

We can bring a 10’ x 10’ pop-up tent with a purple and gold castle-like design for $50.
For greater historical accuracy or larger events, we can bring and assemble renaissance-era historically appropriate canvas tents / pavilions, for $100-$150 (depending on type of tent)

$25 for up to 20 participants: The Quest Leader brings a set of tunics for the participants to wear and get into character!

Swasher Rental

Would you like to use our foam swords for the entire weekend? Call us to decide what kinds of Swashers you would like to rent, and to set up the pick up and drop off times.

  • $75 for three-day rental, plus $2/swasher

  • Damage deposit required; see our Store for replacement costs

  • May not be available during the summer (our busy season)

  • Call us for longer rental periods

Parties & Events for Adults

When people hear about our kids parties, they often ask, “Do you offer parties for adults too?” And the answer is: Yes! We run really fun events for adults!

Whether it be energetic sword skirmish games for birthdays, outdoor escape rooms for corporate team-building, or educational & interactive storytelling & improv theater, we are happy to put together a custom offering perfectly suited to your event. See our adult & teambuilding activities.