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We have over 15 years of experience leading birthday parties, summer camps, after-school programs, festival booths, team building exercises, and many other activities for children and teens.

If you are looking for an active, outdoor summer job working with children that includes improvisational acting and playful team building, interactive storytelling and playing with foam boffer swords, then read on!

Seeking Seattle-based staff to help expand our popular summer camps & kids programs

We have been running Summer Camp and After-School Programs since 2012 in Bellingham, and in 2019 began running programs in Seattle. Currently, we have 1 week of camps scheduled in north Seattle (July 26-30), with several more potential weeks through August if we get enough staff to run them (Aug 2-6, Aug 9-13, Aug 16-20 & Aug 23-27), along with some 1-day programs one Saturday per month. We’ll be running programs in Bellingham June 23 – Aug 27, should you be flexible with location and desire additional work opportunities. Once we have a few Seattle-based staff on board, we will plan many more programs in the Seattle area, and anticipate being able to offer more and more regular programming as interest in our program grows. This can include year-round employment with after-school programs and birthday parties if the staff is looking for such opportunities, or a consistent summer job.


Part-time & Full-Time Summer Camp Quest Leaders:

Summer positions are open for part-time employment 30 hours/week (approximately 8:30 am – 3:30 pm), Fridays require working an additional 30-60 minutes at the end of the day (paperwork), and Mondays/Fridays meet earlier (8:00 am). For those seeking more employment, we also offer other jobs (listed below) to expand those hours. We are looking for a couple of new staff to join our merry band of returning staff. Our camps in Seattle take place July 26-30, 2021 (and likely Aug 2-6, Aug 9-13, Aug 16-20 & Aug 23-27, 2021), and there is the opportunity to also work in Bellingham from mid-June through through late August.

We will be looking for ways to create fall, winter, and spring positions for part-time employment (3-15 afternoon hours/week) Quest Leading in after-school programs and helping with the occasional birthday party or festival. Our ability to create this year-round employment with after-school programs will depend on having a couple dedicated Seattle staff.

Part-time Weekend Birthday / Festival Leaders:

Quest Leading with a focus on one-time events such as at birthday parties, festivals, and other specialty programs. If you have what it takes to Quest Lead, with an extra dash of charisma, and are available on weekends, this is for you!

Extra Jobs (stand-alone or add on in addition to Quest Leading to increase hours)

Skirmish Leader:

Do you like leading big group games involving lots of kids and foam swords? Do you have a voice that’s able to be loud enough to get a bunch of kids to stop battling and pay attention to you, without sounding angry? Do you have experience with boffer battles or sports? This is for you! Can be done in addition to one of the other positions listed to, or on its own.

Skirmish Leaders will lead large group games immediately after camp, M-F from 3:00 – 4:30 pm (paid until 4:45/5:00 to account for cleanup time).

Support Leader: 

Support Leaders specialize in maintaining equipment and data such as character sheets, first aid kits, etc. The Support Leader may also lead games or optionally be a Site Supervisor during certain hours. This position requires a detail-oriented mind, a car to drive between sites and the office, and meticulousness beyond average.

Boffer Construction & Maintenance:

Do you working with your hands and tools? Do you want to create foam swords and other weaponry? We have been refining the designs and production methods of our Swasher™ boffer construction for over 20 years, to produce the best quality lightweight boffers on the market. We are looking for more skilled craftspeople to help increase production. Can be done in addition to one of the other positions listed to, or on its own.

Costume Creation & Maintenance: 

Help maintain and expand our collection of renaissance/fantasy-themed costumes. Requires experience in sewing, garment design and repair, and access to your own sewing equipment.


Starting wages in Seattle are $18/hour for most of our programs (starting wage), and $25/hour for birthdays on weekends. Occasionally, higher wages are offered to exceptionally experienced new staff. Raises are given each year.


Thorough training is provided, and new Quest Leaders will be paid a stipend to complete the training process and learn the ins and outs of being a Quest Leader. Independent study of the game system will be required, as well as in-person group training and an opportunity to shadow an experienced quest leader as they run programs.


See Quest Leader position


APPLY BY May 1st: If you are interested in becoming a Quest Leader for the upcoming summer, submit an application by May 1st. If you can apply earlier, please do so. We accept applications all year round, but do not begin our hiring process until February. Apply with the link below. If you have any questions about the application, please contact us.

AUDITIONS – April & May: Applicants who show the most potential in their Job Application, are invited to participate in a group improvisational acting, storytelling, and roleplaying audition. Up to five applicants and the Director, Harper, meet and play acting games together. You do not need to prepare anything for the audition. This is a requirement for being hired.

FINAL INTERVIEW: The applicants who showed the most potential in their applications and audition are invited to a final interview.

STAFF TRAINING: We will thoroughly train you to be able to lead a group of kids of your own. Materials will be provided to begin learning the game, as soon as you are hired. Group training takes place during early June, and you will be given an opportunity to “shadow” an experienced quest leader as well as try out Quest Leading with an experienced leader with you to give feedback. New quest leaders will receive a training stipend after successfully completing the training process.

HIRED: All staff must have a social security number for being an employee, and all will have a background check done on them. We require all staff to be mandatory reporters of child abuse (if you suspect abuse in the home environment or elsewhere, you are required to report on it).