Harper Stone, director (with banjo)

The Story of Majestic Adventures

Harper Stone started Majestic Adventures in 2018 after many years of being involved with Renaissance Adventures, the Colorado-based company that created the Adventure Quest program. His involvement with Adventure Quest began in 1997, when he was 13 years old, attending an Adventure Quest camp in Boulder, CO. A couple years later, he started volunteering and helped to form the Knight CIT program. In 2003, at the age of 18, he was hired as a Quest Leader, and when he moved to Bellingham in 2012, he started a the first branch of Renaissance Adventures, and began offering Adventure Quest programs in the Northwest. What started as a small Summer Camp in Bellingham quickly grew into a well-loved community of kids and adults that create adventures together year-round in Bellingham, Seattle, Skagit county, and beyond. In 2018, he started Majestic Adventures, a Bellingham-based company which is officially licensed to run Adventure Quest programs, in order to better serve the needs of families and staff in Washington.

What We Love about Majestic Adventures

We deeply value creativity, authenticity, responsible empowerment, and self-expression. What we have discovered is that a heart-centered live-action roleplaying game for kids can spontaneously create a strong community where kids get to truly experience what it is like to make important decisions, succeed as a “whole person” (overcoming physical, mental, and social challenges), and in the process have an incredibly fun time. It is a perfect vehicle for teaching through experiential education, and the kids remember their experiences for a long time.

Majestic Adventures Quest Leaders