Summer Camps in Bellingham don’t get better than Adventure Quest!

Adventure Quest | Sword Skirmish | Star Quest | Heroes Academy | Knight CIT

2019 Adventure Quest Summer dates

Sorceress and Goblins

Purple Friday June 8th
1-day Quest June 15th
Week 1: June 17-21 *could be changed due to possible school make-up days due to snow cancellations
Week 2: June 24-28 (also Knight CIT Training)
Week 3: July 1-3 (also Star Quest) *3 days only M-W
Week 4: July 8-12
Week 5: July 15-19 (also Star Quest)
Week 6: July 22-26 (also Star Quest)
Week 7: July 29 – Aug 2
Week 8: Aug 5-9
Week 9: Aug 12-16
Week 10: Aug 19-23

For each week we will have an afternoon Sword Skirmish following the quest. This is an optional 1.5-hour add-on for extended programming that includes many active dueling games.

Registration will open as soon as possible. We have been waiting until we get the word from the school district about if there will be school make-up days in June because of the snow day cancellations

Adventure Quest Details: 

Time: 10am-3pm, Monday-Friday
Location: Cornwall Park, Bellingham
Price: $220 per week (or $195 if you register before April 1st)
($50 first-time discount for first ever quest, $25 multi-session discount when signing up for 3 or more weeks)
*Week 3 costs $135, for M-W (3 days only)
Ages: 6-17

Be the hero of a mythic quest!

In Adventure Quest, the children and teens become the heroes of an incredibly fun and dynamic quest, working together in a mythical and magical world to overcome interesting challenges, solve mystifying riddles, brainstorm unique solutions to puzzling dilemmas, and swashbuckle with foes. The campers experience the excitement and confidence that comes from banding together to defend their village, solve a perplexing mystery, or negotiate a peace treaty.

Wielding safe foam Swasher swords, the campers play dueling games and act out challenges like fending off a bullying ogre or a thieving band of pirates, in an environment that teaches good sportsmanship, fair-play, and respect for others. Then they exercise their minds as they try to piece together the clues in a coded riddle and follow a map to buried treasure. Campers end the week feeling empowered, excited, and full of stories to tell.

Each week of camp is a unique “Quest” – an interactive story that engages the campers’ imaginations while teaching them the fundamental principles of responsible empowerment, creative problem-solving, and cooperative conflict resolution.


Sword Skirmish Club 

Sword Skirmish Club (every week of summer & spring break) 3:00 – 4:30 pm

An extra hour and a half of sword dueling games for the quester who’d love more physical activity in the day! Dwarves vs Goblins, Shapeshifter, Spy, Scorpion’s Nest, and other popular Swasher games that we play during lunches will be played in this program, as well as other team-based challenges that questers have not yet experienced.

Who: Boys & girls ages 8-17 (younger kids may be able to attend by special permission. contact us if interested)
3:00 – 4:30 pm, M-F or drop in
$40/week or $15/day drop in.

We offered one week of Sword Skirmish Club last summer, and it was immensely popular. You can attend Sword Skirmish this even if you are not attending the quest for that week (at the drop-in rate). 

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Intrepid adventures in space! 

Star Wars sci-fi kids camp in Bellingham, WA

Star Quest is a science fiction live-action roleplaying game similar in many ways to Adventure Quest… the Questers band together in small groups of like age to discover strange new worlds, overcome dynamic challenges, negotiate intergalactic treaties, and battle using blasters (beanbags) and fusion blades (foam swords). The themes and settings explore futuristic mainstays like warp speed, mech suits, tapping into the “Meta” for telepathic powers, time travel, cyberpunk netrunning, alien “hive mind” sentience, and more. Join us for an exciting, active, and mind-bending programs that are a short ways off, in a galaxy really, really close.

Star Quest is perfect for kids who like Star Wars or other science fiction.

2019 Star Quest Dates & Details

Star Quest Program Dates:

  • Spring Break (April 1-5)
  • July 1-3 (Week 3) *3 days only M-W)
  • July 15-19 (Week 5)
  • July 22-26 (week 6)

Time: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Location: Cornwall Park, Bellingham
Ages: 10-17
Price: $220 per week (or $205 with early bird discount – by March 1st for Spring Break, by April 1st for Summer)
($50 first-time discount for first ever quest, $25 multi-session discount when signing up for 3 or more weeks)
*Week 3 costs $135, for M-W (3 days only)

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Contact us if you’re interested but can’t attend this year’s dates!


Lifelong Learning and Immersive Excursions

Heroes Academy programs give participants a transformative experience within workshops, excursions, and intensive programs. They also foster real-world skills and provide opportunities to overcome challenges on their own and with the invaluable help of other participants, including the “Heroes Journey” challenges of internal growth in the areas of accountability, leadership, honor, and planning.

Heroes Academy Excursions: Starting Summer 2018 

Photo by Scott Laird via Flickr.

Summer’s End Festival in a Medieval Village

Who: Kids & Teens aged 10-18
Date & Time:
 Aug 25, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Price: $105
Location & Details: We will meet participants in Bellingham at 10:00 am and depart as a group to a medieval village 2 hours away. We will experience the village, eat a traditional medieval lunch, and participate in a unique quest from 12:00 – 5:00 and then return to Bellingham by 7:00 pm.
Optional Add On – Harvest Feast: +2-3 hours, and a feast of 12 medieval dishes, accompanied by minstrel music. +$40, see details below

Take a journey back in time… to a medieval village brought to life! 

In this Heroes Academy excursion, we will journey to Camlann Medieval Village, a living history project portraying rural England in 1376, peopled by villagers, craftspeople, and traveling minstrels. A blacksmith works forging iron in a traditionally built forge; a fletcher fastens feathers and a razor-sharp point to an arrow; a luster boils down plants to make dyes to color wool of the sheep the graze the pastures; knights joust and archers hone their aim; ploughman’s meals are served on bread trenchers in the Bors Hede inn, while lutes and harps are played by minstrels and storytelling bards. This village is created to be a museum-quality replica of a living medieval village, and the people who bring it to life are well-studied historians and masters of their craft. The day of our trip is their end of summer Harvest Festival, and will find the village bustling with extra entertainment and opportunities for education.

What setting could be better for a Heroes Academy Excursion, providing an immersive, interactive environment to frame a series of challenges that the Heroes must undergo to solve a mystery, learn a skill, decode a riddled map, and gain their just rewards.

We have a limited number of available seats on this journey, so please Register Now to save your space. Also, if you register by Aug 1st you’ll save $15 from the regular price of $105.

Photo by Tuzen via Flickr - www.exsulto.comOptional add on: special harvest feast! If each participant pays $40 extra, we can extend the program 3 hours and have a special harvest feast in the Bors Hede. The meal includes 12 dishes brought forth in two courses, announced with trumpet fanfares, and featuring courtly minstrels with songs and stories accompanied on the lute. Because we’re on this journey together, we can only do this if all the participants choose it. Select it during registration, and register by Aug 1st for this special opportunity.You will not be charged unless we confirm that everyone is able to attend. We will contact families shortly after Aug 1st with an update and further details.

Register Now us if you’re interested in events like this but can’t attend that particular program.

Other Heroes Academy excursions in the planning stage include a journey onto a tall ship, wilderness overnights, and more!

Workshops: Starting Fall 2018

Learn archery and bow-making, alchemy and herbal medicine, wilderness skills, music, garment construction, and more!


Teen Leadership Opportunities in Bellingham!

The Knight CIT offering at Majestic Adventures is a unique leadership program where the teens become the mentor to a group of younger kids and assistant to our adult counselors. By engaging in one of our exciting programs (such as Adventure Quest), Knight CITs help with activities, challenges, storytelling, plot dynamics, characters, safety, and leadership.

To be a Knight CIT, the teen must be at least 14 years old, have passed Knighthood Training, and be in good standing.

Knighthood Training Details 

  • 2018 Dates: Contact us if you’re interested, and let us know what weeks you’re available. We’d like to find a week that works for everyone.
  • Time: M-F, 10:00am – 3:00pm.
  • Location: Cornwall Park
  • Price: $99. All Knight CITs must own an Adventure Quest Game Book (available for purchase through the registration page).
  • Register: Contact Us

All would-be and current Knights (including Master and Grandmaster Knights) must attend Knighthood Training, with some exceptions (see “Squires” below). Majestic Adventures does not offer any other time to become a Knight CIT except during training. However, those that passed Knighthood Training during a previous year may be able to keep their Knighthood rank for the current year without joining training if they have demonstrated adequate scores on their Knight CIT Evaluations. This is not recommended and should only be considered if the teen cannot attend the training.

In addition to being a good education in leadership skills, Knighthood Training is also FUN! We frequently play improv games and work on quest leading skills like how to become a variety of characters, lead dynamic scenes, and duel multiple opponents at the same time.

Training PacketCIT Program - Teen Mentorship

CITs will be given our Knight CIT Packet with information about the program, including training details, expectations and tips for how to be a good CIT. It includes a questionnaire for the Knight-to-be to fill out and give back to us.


Teens that do not pass the Knighthood Test, who are not yet 14, and/or who are unable to attend Knighthood Training may request to be a Squire. Being a Squire is not an official program – it requires special registration by contacting the MA office. Squires act in the same capacity as a Knight even though they have not attended Training or taken the Knighthood Test. In order to request the title of Squire, the participant must qualify through one of these three options:

  • A Knight CIT Trainer must determine that the teen demonstrates Knight-like abilities during a week or two of actual programs, and/or
  • The Squire lives over 20 miles from the training location. In this case, the teen must have been a Quester at least twice, and the Quest Leaders must verify that the teen makes a good candidate.
  • The Squire may undergo a one-week trial period at the price of a Quester to demonstrate that he or she would make a good Knight. At the end of the trial week, the Quest Leader decides whether the Squire can join as a Knight at apprentice rank, needs one more week as a Squire for proper evaluation, or is not yet ready to become a Knight. If a Squire is enrolled for more than one week, future weeks registered as a Knight are dependent upon the Squire trial period.
Contact us if interested