Testimonials by Parents

MarkAndQuestersAbout Renaissance Adventures

“For Aaron this has been a rich and creative environment in which to express his imagination and personal power!”
Deborah Iole, movement specialist

“Renaissance Adventures provides exactly what the children are looking for. Their enthusiasm and cooperation are spontaneously equal at RA because of this.”
Holly Bender, business owner

“Renaissance Adventures has been a replacement for the Boy Scouts for us. It is geared for the 90’s child – a counterpoint to our hi-tech environment. It is a way for our son to learn teamwork and outdoorsman skills in an imaginative, enchanting way. It’s like having a nintendo adventure game experience offscreen in real time! Thanks for providing this fine opportunity.”
Donna Downey, video producer

“It’s my son’s favorite camp program: he can’t get enough of it!”
Logan Kline, business consultant, and Robin Temple, family therapist

“Nicholas loves whatever it is you do – and that’s good enough for us!”
Penny Webster, nurse

Aaron and Paul Costumed QLs playing“Ian is so enthusiastic about the Renaissance camps that he said that this is the best year ever because I let him attend your camp!”
Mike Gilliland, CEO Wild Oats Markets, and Libby Cook, VP Wild Oats Markets

“My girls think A.Q. is the best camp they’ve ever attended.”
Sharon Bianchini, MSW

“We live in a society where imagination has been undervalued. I am grateful to have reinforcement for my son’s creative play.”
Cassandra Katz, mother of Adam, 7 yrs.

“An unbelievably unique resource in this “screen” culture, thrills and feeds and exercises the imagination in vivo, brings dreams to life.”
Jaird de Raismes, mother, meditator, herbalist, investor

“Incredibly creative staff who introduce serendipity into every quest, perpetuating the sense of magic for those children and adults who are on the verge of losing it.”
Ellen Greenhouse, psychologist

“A sense of accomplishment, self-assurance, and physical agility is created in the children in an atmosphere of fun. Your creativity seems to be perfect for what the kids (at least mine) want and need.”
Gary Hurwitz and Johanna Gordan, Inner Light Services

Testimonials by Educators

Plotting their Next MoveAbout Renaissance Adventures

“Renaissance Adventures has captivated the hearts and minds of Friends’ School students. Mark and his cohorts have fun with the children and create a climate of respect and creativity. They are organized and responsible.”
-Polly Donald, Director of Friends’ School, Boulder, Colorado.

“The Staff at Renaissance Adventure’s share surprising stories and inspiring creativity in a fresh and playful atmosphere that encourages children’s inquisitive mind and natural intelligence.”
Beverley Weiler, Program Director, Santa Fe Tree-House Camp

“Renaissance Adventures and its program Adventure Quest is a remarkable blend of imaginative creative problem-solving and artistic expression.”
Rachel McCaleb, Drama Teacher

“Renaissance Adventures is a wonderful unique experience. As a teacher I really appreciate all that the kids learn while having so much fun. As a parent I love the staff and how caring and concerned they are for the kids.”
Jeff Hamilton, P.E. and Acting Teacher, September School

“This fine program quickly captures the imagination of children and at the same time teaches important interaction and problem solving skills, that empower the child and create an open pathway toward the challenges of real everyday life.”
-Titanya Monique Dahlin, Waldorf Education teacher, and Renaissance Adventures Quest Leader

Hero and Shiek“R.A. combines imagination, physical activity and concentration so that children are fully engaged in their play!”
Eileen Kay, Spanish Teacher, Shining Mountain Waldorf School

“We at Horizon’s have been greatly impressed with the program offered by Renaissance Adventures. Their talent to inspire creative imaginative play blended with their ability to physically interact with our students in a fun safe nurturing manner has made the classes very popular with the students in our school. I highly recommend their program and have found the staff to be very positive role models for our students.”
Kim Hanson, Community Liaison, Horizon’s School


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